A Strong Voice For The Fourth District

A Voice For The Fourth District

Why I'm Running

For far too long, our representative in Washington has not worked to pass legislation that would benefit everyday Kentuckians. He remains silent on the biggest issues affecting the 4th District and advocates for his own extremist stances. We deserve our voice back. We deserve a representative who will work every day to ensure our needs are heard and being addressed. As a single mother and nurse, I know the struggles of the working and middle classes. I will work to ensure the people of Kentucky’s 4th district have a voice in Washington and affordable healthcare, quality education, and ample job opportunities.

With our campaign going completely digital, we need volunteers to help us grow our people-powered movement online.
Alexandra will work for the working & middle class people of KY-4. Check out Alexandra’s platform at the link.
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Alexandra's Priorities


As a nurse practitioner working everyday on the frontlines of healthcare, I know that we must face COVID-19 head on and improve the flaws in our system, so everyone has access to affordable prescription drugs and affordable, quality healthcare.


Our infrastructure is crumbling. Investing in our infrastructure is good for economic growth, productivity, and public safety.  Increasing funding for repair and revitalization projects will be one of my top priorities as a Congresswoman.


COVID-19 has changed employment in America. Every working American, regardless of their background or access to technology, should receive a fair wage and feel like if they work hard they can get ahead, not merely get by.


We need to invest in our public schools if we want a better future for our kids. Education doesn’t stop at K-12, we need accessible life-long learning programs for all, and a strong plan for dealing with crippling student debt.



The only way we can win in November is by creating a grassroots movement of people who are ready to see change for Kentucky. 

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